Why Anguilla

A great jurisdiction to do business

For over 30 years, Anguilla has offered a level of efficiency and service that is unmatched.

A common law jurisdiction located at the northernmost point of the Caribbean, Anguilla has a suite of financial services products that provide efficiency, flexibility, stability and tax neutrality.

Anguilla is a high-tech jurisdiction which eliminated most paperwork set-up of entities. All is done electronically, and all filings done through state-of-the art systems enabling Anguilla to work very cost effectively.

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Reasons to choose Anguilla

Favorable Tax Regime

●     Businesses in Anguilla benefit from a tax-friendly environment, devoid of corporate, capital gains, or inheritance taxes, fostering prosperous wealth management services.

Modern Regulatory Environment

The island stands out with its adaptable regulatory framework, which strictly adheres to international standards concerning anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing.

Political and Legal Stability

As a British Overseas Territory, the region promises a stable political landscape coupled with a globally respected English common law legal system.

Confidentiality and Ease of Doing Business

The territory safeguards business privacy while facilitating a straightforward and adaptable business formation process.

Technological Infrastructure

Recognized as a fintech-friendly jurisdiction, the region offers state-of-the-art communication infrastructure, a boon for financial technology ventures.

Quality of Life and Skilled Workforce

The locale boasts a skilled workforce and a strategic position in the Caribbean, making it a magnet for businesses targeting increasing their worldwide activities.

Geographic Location

Nestled in the Caribbean, the island’s strategic location facilitates easy access to prominent markets in North and South America, enhancing business opportunities.

Attractive Lifestyle

Renowned for its pristine beaches and superior quality of life, the island serves as a prime destination for attracting top-notch talent and individuals contemplating relocation.

Do Business in Anguilla

Need a Service Provider?

The Anguilla Financial Services Commission regulates all service providers in Anguilla.

We have organized and categorized the financial services providers who are licensed to do business in Anguilla. Follow the link below to find our up-to-date directory.